The 6 Best Bedside Charging Stations for Airbnb’s and Vacation Rentals

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February 10, 2017

It’s worth paying attention to the things hotels are doing right.

This is all the truer if you own Airbnb’s or short-term rentals. Although they are different beasts, they’re still baked in the same hospitality pie.

Hotels consistently engage in something that 98% of short-term rentals don’t, and that’s geeking out on travel trends. Hotels pay big money to stay in the know on what guests want and furnish accordingly. If you follow their lead, you’ll be in the in-crowd, without spending all the money they do on research to get there.

Which leads me into a wee, nifty topic: the bedside charging station.

1 Chic Retreat features The Soho

Every room in the London boutique hotel, The Soho, has a plug-in smart device charger on the wall in back of the lamp. Nobody needs to be separated from their dearly beloved smartphone.

Everybody loves a bedside charging station. Why? Because we are so addicted to our smartphones that, let’s just admit it, they’ve become like appendages. To illustrate, my phone is at my elbow right now, (wait, it just dropped behind the sofa cushion)… as I write this. Having it close by is comforting.

Some forward thinking Airbnb and short-term rental owners are ahead of the curve on the matter. 1 Chic Retreat subscriber, Eleven09 House, for example, recently featured her nifty alarm clock charger on Instagram and it certainly received its fair share of ‘Likes.’

Eleven09 says “We had two of these amazing bedside tables custom made for Eleven09’s master bedroom. Having a drawer and a shelf makes them super handy for our guests. It doesn’t hurt that our guests also have the luxury of two USB ports in the bedside clock by @marathonwatch. Our inspiration for the tables came from a blog post by Mercedes @1chicretreat.

Wondering where Eleven09 got that chic little number? It’s one of five options you can incorporate right now into your bedrooms and your guests will love them.

Six Bedside Charging Options for Airbnb’s and Short-term Rentals that are Guaranteed to Charm People

  1. Alarm Clock by the Marathon Watch Company

1 Chic Retreat features Alarm clock with USB port

The great thing about this clock is there are two, easily accessible USB ports located directly on the front of the clock – perfect for your guests’ phone or tablet. Second, the illuminated digits are bright and easy to read in the dark. If guests find them too bright when trying to fall asleep there is a dimmer switch to lower the intensity of the illumination. If it is still too bright, there is a button to turn the display off altogether, without interfering with charging. $76.99 from All Modern.

2. The IRISTIME Alarm Clock – Speaker – USB Charging Station

iphone docking for Airbnb's

The IRISTIME is a wireless blue tooth stereo speaker/alarm clock with two USBs. What’s not to like? $75.99 on Amazon.

3. The VARV Table lamp from Ikea

charging station lamp airbnb

The VARV Table Lamp from Ikea features a USB plug at the base of the lamp and a nice wide surface for placing a smartphone. Love that price at $79.99.

4. Carry Mini table Lamp from SEED Design

charging station airbnbs

The Carry Mini Table Lamp comes equipped with a USB adapter, making this a perfect charging station for our technology enriched way of life. This beautiful lamp comes in either matte white or matte black, and although small, puts out a good amount of light. $290 on Y Living.

5. The Levo LED Bedside Sconce and Reading Light w/ USB Charger

charging stations airbnb's

Simple and intuitive, the Levo combines an attractive wall sconce with a swing arm task light that turns on and off automatically. The convenient USB charging port means guests can both use and read their smart device at the same time.

smart phone charging Airbnb

The Levo is super convenient for guests because it provides both task and ambient lighting plus USB charging. $535.50 on Y Living.

6. Isabella Large Nightstand with Charging Station from Ballard Designs

Airbnb charging station nightstand

A dedicated charging nook built into a nightstand is a cool feature to offer guests. They just pull out the drawer and the cords are already there for hooking up smart devices. $749 from Ballard Designs.

Know a cool charging set-up I’ve unfortunately omitted? Please identify yourself in the comments and contribute some more nuggets. There is room for plenty more suggestions in this (never-part-me-from-my-cell-phone!) realm.

And post a photo if you can. We are visual people.




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