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College Town Airbnb

Project: This was Mercedes Brennan’s house, which she and her husband bought to turn into an Airbnb. Up until the conversion, the house had served as a college student rental and was in extremely poor shape. You can read about it here.

Project Scope: This was a 4-month project and involved a complete top to bottom remodel, although keeping the original planning configuration. The budget was extremely small, thus eBay and Craig’s List were used extensively.

Design Concept: Ethnic-inspired minimalism.

Living Room After

Living Room Sofa

New Living Room Mantel

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Game Cabinet After

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Dining Room Table Closeup

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Kitchen After Remodel

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screen used as headboard

chest of drawers

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vacation rental furniture

Before Renovation

Living Room Before

The living room was very dark, even with the curtains open.

entertainment room before

The entertainment room had a gigantic pool table (covered with a sheet in this photo) which dominated the room and made it feel small.

Kitchen Before

Original kitchen featured ugly, yellow oak cabinets and made the kitchen feel small and ungainly; however, they were built of solid wood, something uncommon in kitchens today, so we painted them in lieu of replacement.

master bedroom original

The master bedroom had a hideous fan looming in the center with glaring downlights.

Master Bath before remodel

The master bathroom’s vanity was too long, making the small bathroom seem like a galley.

Bathroom before renovation

The original bathroom was horrid and we tore everything out; however, we kept the plumbing in place to save costs.