Learn The Exact Design Strategies to Creating a BOOKED UP Vacation Rental
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20-50% More Vacation Rental Bookings Doing What? Tell Us More!

When I started designing vacation rentals, I often heard from prospective clients, “How many more bookings will I make if I hire you to make some changes?” I never had a solid answer. I mean, we all know that the most attractive properties garner more bookings, but how much more? So, I ended up saying, [...]

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Oops! You Lost Me at the Pink Bedspread (Or The Anatomy of a Dead Booking)

Lately I've been looking for a Maine waterfront cottage to rent for a week in August. I know if I book now, I'll have my pick of the most affordable and kick-ass gorgeous vacation houses in coastal Maine. As a guest, I know that planning ahead is key. The best properties get scooped up before [...]

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The 18 Most Common Missing Gadgets in Vacation Rental Kitchens (And How to Fix Them)

Once in a while, I stumble on something that makes me want to pull my hair out. And it’s often when vacation rental owners make a huge, glaring mistake. A mistake that should be obvious, but they make it anyway. Here’s a recent one… The other day I came across an article wherein I made [...]

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How To Win Guests and Influence Bookings

This post originally appeared as a guest post on Villa Marketers. This morning I woke up in Indio, California, in one of the most splendid vacation rentals I’ve ever booked; in fact, it might just be in the top five best ever. That’s saying a lot considering that my family has stayed in over 75 [...]

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