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How to Transform Your Cramped Vacation Rental Bedroom into a Spacious Bookings Magnet (without adding square footage)

Several months ago, I wrote a blog post titled, Do Guests Actually Need Closets? Here's an Alternative. And it's Cool. To be honest, it's the least visited post on 1 Chic Retreat. Why? My guess is that readers look at the title and say, "Ahhh, yeah, guests do need closets! Where the heck are they going to [...]

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Cottage in Silverlake

How to Create Viral Bookings Using a Design Blueprint

This post is Part II (find Part I here) of a three-part series on creating a design concept for your vacation rental…… What makes one vacation rental stand out over all the others in an area? What makes their bookings go viral? It’s a tough question, but when you look around, you can't help but [...]

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Malta's Indulgence Divine Vacation Rental

How to Evolve Your Vacation Rental From One Powerful Blueprint

One of the principle ideas of One Chic Retreat is that small design changes can add up to big wins in your vacation rental. For example, making your bedrooms sex friendly or coming up with a winning color scheme are smart changes that are not overwhelming and don't require a major renovation to your vacation [...]

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Getting up for water at 5:00?!

Why Your Guests Stumble Around in the Middle of the Night and How to Fix it

I am a big fan of  special touches in vacation rentals. They make guests feel cared for. Knowing that owners have gone out of their way to make a holiday stay extra special makes people A LOT more likely to leave a glowing review. You know, like a Turkish towel in an ordinary bathroom, a [...]

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